Everyone has different backgrounds, skills, educations, and experiences at the team. We have schools in plastic arts (painting, sculpture, ceramics), fashion design, technical drawing, painting, digital art, character animation, re-touching, and styling. Also, we have education in different areas such as modeling, acting, sociology, and philosophy. We have/had some statuses as artists/designers, models, actors, creative directors, founders, and scholars. We’ve worked/working for big fashion brands, art institutions, film industries, and colleges. Everyone always comes with ideas and brings different tastes to curation table.
We founded Dear Deer, Istanbul and London based fashion brand, in 2014. Why? Because, we wanted to make something bigger, unique, innovative, creative, permanent, and fascinating. We tried to gather our ambitions, ideas, skills at the same place. We wanted to share our style, creativity, and vision with a big audience. And we tried to make all of these in our brand.

Gökhan Aydıner

Zeynep Baysal
Founder / Desıgner

Andrey Polyanin

Yui Meiji

Lıve Art Gifts
Represent Of USA

Mikael Bagbanov
Represent of Dubai

E&T Consultancy and Marketıng
Represent of UK